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Tera updated

Tera is the entertainment that violence and action game enjoyers have been desperate for ever since the introduction of the MMORPG. Rather than following a preset attack routine like a typical MMO, your attacks need to actually physically connect in Tera. You are not able to just cycle through your cooldowns to thrash foes, your attacks require precise timing and precision. The end result is engaging combat that requires your vigilance to excel. Tera also has a higher difficulty level than your average MMO. Enemies are able to deal a lot of damage to you, so you must research study their attack patterns and develop a strategy to deal with them. The unique racial talents in Tera seem to be suited for PVP. Humans are able to restrict the impact of crowd imboilizing control effects, and reduce the damage they take when their health is critically low. The horned Castanic receive an attack bonus when attacking from behind, and are proficient at making weapons. High Elves have a very handy instant mana refill, and can gather certain crafting materials quickly. The Aman are the most tank like class, able to nullify certain crowd control abilities, as well as limit their damage taken when low on health, and from damage over time abilities. The Popori can run through packs of enemies without drawing aggro, and cover large amounts of ground quickly when not in combat. Lastly, the Baraka have an insta heal, and can also diminish the effects of crowd control powers you may wish to use tera gold to {aid
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